I'm officially giving up on Remember The Milk. I don't like it. It doesn't feel solid, the keyboard shortcuts are confusing, the animation bugs me and I can't really figure out how to get my 'system' in there.

It's really the feeling that gets to me. It somehow feels flaky, unpredictable. I think this is partly due to the way it handles item selection. It's never really clear what's selected and what's not. The impression I get is that they are trying to copy Gmail (a worthy goal) and not quite making it.

Instead, I'll be going back to Emacs (my text editor, kind of like an acid-breathing, gamma-radiated Notepad that has an adamantium skeleton and can walk through walls). It's not ideal, but I reckon it will be more effective than RTM. The ideal system would be fun to use, Emacs is merely not painful.

Do you have a suggestion for fun Linux task management software?