Ever wondered whyFight Club,The Fast and the Furious andForgetting Sarah Marshall are so popular? Science may have the answer.

Getting an 'F" might no longer bear the sorry connotations of failure. A new study has just been published revealing that DVD titles starting with the letter "F" are up to seven times as popular as any other. "If this is true, Hollywood as we know it will be changed forever", says one industry observer.

Scientists conducted a survey over a wide variety of DVDs purchased by consumers, plotting the number of films purchased against the first letter of their title. Although they expected the graph to be flat, indicating that each letter was equally popular, they found that F was more popular by far. "We don't know how to explain it", lamented one researcher, "our best theory so far is that it's hard-wired into the brain".

The result has provoked a fierce reaction in the scientific community, with many criticizing the finding by blaming sloppy methods and a biased political agenda in an effort to discount the evidence. Others, however, are taking the news in stride, with Jerry Bruckheimer beginning work on a new film about three rabbits sent to colonize a new world, tentatively titled First, Fecund and Furred.