Things have been rather busy around here for me. I'm heading off to London for a two-week epic hacking adventure with the rest of my colleagues, and the preparation has taken up all of my free time.

Well, not quite all. I've also just purchased a new laptop and have been spending a fair bit of time getting it ready to use as a development machine. I'm quite enamoured of its light weight and rugged keyboard.

I've also been reading a fair bit:

  • Economics, The Economist Group
  • Master and Commander,Patrick O'Brian
  • The Fionovar Tapestry (again), Guy Gavriel Kay
  • The Little Book of Commonsense Investing, John Bogle

And the occasional Gerard Manley Hopkins poem. What I really want is another vast book to lose myself in, like House of Leaves, Infinite Jest, The Brothers Karamazov or Jonathan Strange — I guess they don't grow on trees though.