Today I wandered around town on my own. I walked up Karl-Marx Allee until I reached Alexander Platz in Mitte. Once there, I climbed the tallest tower in the city and surveyed the realm that will soon be mine. There's way too much fog here.

I turned my gaze to the East and saw the buildings wrought by Stalin and the factories and the river. I saw the people's park and ruins of an abbey and a clock that shows all the times of the world. My gaze turned West and the Tiergarten and the Dom and the Reichstag were among the things I beheld.

I descended to the streets of the city and saw people cycling and shops slowly opening. Eventually one shop offered me a European power adapter, which I accepted with gratitude and humility. Thus exhausted, I returned home on the U-Bahn, where I spoke partly in German and partly in English with an eighty-year old woman who studied theology years ago.

Today, I'm tired and do not want to do anything. Let's see what happens.