I've been thinking a lot about getting myself an iPhone. Of course, Telstra is an ass, so I'd have to spend almost a thousand dollars to get out of my current contract -- Apple can wait.

Read Lord of Light again recently; it's a great book and you should too, if you can. Started on The Illuminatus Trilogy. Speaking of the Illuminati (which I rarely do out loud, hidden watchers you see), they are making a film out of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I guess it shouldn't surprise me since the first one was hilarious -- "just the way the pagans would have wanted".

I kind of had to read Lord of Light, since the book I read before that was The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson. Well above average fantasy, of the kind you can't make any more because of Tolkien. You can't switch from stylized Nordic fantasy filled with Saxon verse straight to The Illuminatus Trilogy, hence the Zelazny.

Incidentally, due to cirumstances, I now believe that Infinite Jest uses the phrase "immantentizing the Eschaton". This belief feels erroneous, but it's there like an ill-fitting jacket that you can't get rid of since you need something to keep you warm and you can't bear the pressure of having to choose another one.

Lindfield is boring me a lot. That and circumstances (different from the IJ-possiby-erroneous-belief-inducing ones) will probably mean I'll be moving again. I hate moving. If you hear about a place to move to, let me know. Ideally it would be a share house with interesting and friendly people at roughly my age group.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. I'm sick of 2008 and am willing to take my chances with a different year. Summer too.