So, the idea behind the page 56 thing is to get the book nearest you, not the smartest one or the one you're reading or the one with the best line. That's what -- oh my, a car crash -- my last post was about. Still, I came across this in The Illuminatus! Trilogy last night, and thought you might be interested:

Besides, he had already formed his own theory about Fernando Poo: he was convinced that BUGGER--Blowhard's Unreformed Gangsters, Goons, and Espionage Renegades, an international conspiracy of criminals and double agents, led by the infamous and mysterious Eric "the Red" Blowhard--was behind it all.

"He" is 00005, a British secret agent. As best as I can tell so far, he's a fairly minor character. Seen Quantum of Solace yet? What did you think?