I read a little bit of Making It All Work last night. The first few pages are way too self-important and religious-sounding, which makes GTD look even more like a cult than it did before. Reading it, I could hear Anthony Baxter shouting "It's just a todo list" in my ears.

One thing that stood out: drag. The opposite of flow. The thing that saps fun and life from creative endeavours. It's the garbage bin with the stuck lid, the test suite that takes thirty minutes to run, the blunt knife, the scratch on the DVD, the squeal of feedback during your talk.

Drag disrupts concentration and distracts you from the thing that you are aiming for. Like its physical namesake, it turns useful energy into wasteful heat.

Get rid of it.

(Ok, so it's pretty hard to write about this stuff and not sound cultish. Kool-aid anyone?)