I just did my first proper, authentic, recommended "Weekly Review". It's got three steps:

  1. Get current
  2. Get clear
  3. Get creative

For "get current", the idea is that I empty my inbox, clear my desktop and sweep through my head for ideas or nagging worries on the tip of my tongue. So, that way, everything in my system is up to date with reality.

"Get clear" means I go through my lists and check off everything that's been done, add things that need to be done. For the purposes of this step, "lists" includes my calendar. The longest part of this step for me is going through my list of seventy or so "outcomes" and making sure that each of them has a next action.

The final step is "get creative". To be honest, by the time I'm done with the first two, it is almost 6pm on a Friday afternoon and this is a mentally impossibility.

Maybe I should shift the whole process to a Monday morning. I'll write a note to give that a try in April.