Dear Reader,

When I wrote to you some weeks ago, I alluded to my quest and promised to tell you of it in my next post. You have certainly noticed that I have not kept my word, and I nurse only the bitter hope that the pain of yet another broken promise has become dull, now that you are accustomed to my small betrayals. Please allow me now to tell you of my quest, however belatedly, and I beg that you keep the doors of your heart open when I ask for your help.

My quest, you might say, is for magic. Not the devilish magic of dark ritual nor yet the uncanny transcendence of Eastern sage, but rather that magic that was called "sub-creation" by one of its masters. Plainly, I mean that I seek books of Fantasy.

Perhaps you might laugh now and say "It is so easy, Jonathan! Why do you call such a trifling task a quest?". Yet I crave a moment's indulgence wherein I can make my difficulties plain. If you must laugh, let your laughter be contained within and for my sake present a solemn exterior as I tell you my story.

I have read hundreds of books. Although I've not kept track, the number might well pass into the thousands. Many of those books have been books of fantasy. I have always loved them, and despite the numerous social stigma attached to them, I love them even today.

The full tale of my readings would be far too long for this missive. Suffice it to say that after falling deep into Tolkien, I read whatever I could find, no matter how poor it was. As I grew older, my tastes matured and I began to demand more of the books I read. It has thus become harder to find books of fantasy that I actually enjoy reading. Further, since I've read so many books already, the pool from which to draw them grows ever shallower.

Dear, dear reader, I must find books of magic that I have not read that are not awful. Well-written books with rich, full characters and deep forests of imagination. My own resources are failing me and I must turn to you for help. Where are these books? I must have them now!

I apologize for the length of this post. In my defense, I can so only that my quest has been longer. Please do not let me fail now.

Yours etc.,