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It used to be that if you asked me which super-power I wanted, I would tell you, "instantaneous, effortless, accurate, error-free teleportation". Something very much like Jumper, except with fewer determined foes and better acting. After all, that would mean no more flights, no more uphill walks, no more being late, no more forgetting things and plenty more holidays.

But recently, I've changed my mind. I want to be Video Game Man. I want the super-powers that every video game character actually has that aren't even treated as super-powers.

Infinite stamina: Practically every video game character can run, jump, climb and fight forever without becoming tired, experiencing fatigue or slowing down in any way. This would make kickboxing much easier.

Self-sustaining: No need to eat, drink or sleep. Well, maybe if I got injured I could eat an apple to cure me. Think of the time saved.

Pause: When things get too confusing or fast-paced, or when a difficult decision must be made, I could pause and take as much time as I wanted to think about it. Of course, it would only be thinking.

Quick save, quick load: Attempt difficult situations over and over again. Accidental death would not be a problem. Negotiations could be optimized. Future knowledge could be used to enhance past decisions.

Friend or foe: Know instantly who the bad guys are. No more moral ambiguity for me, thank you very much!

Know thyself: Clear knowledge of all of my own capabilities – no more Dunning-Kruger effect for me! – and also of my own status, health, wealth etc. Always obvious what I could improve and how much I could improve.

Maps: Always knowing where I am, and where I need to go.

Unbreakable: Although I could be injured, it would be impossible to break my limbs, blind me, deafen me, or even slow me down. No possible accident could reduce or remove any of my innate capabilities.

Looking over this list, I'm reminded of The Culture, a utopia designed by Iain M. Banks and the little I know of the Reality is Broken meme. Which reminds me, most reader of this blog should look at "Don't Play Games With Me".

Oh, and if you're able to get me that teleporting gig, I guess I could be convinced to settle for that.