I'm not a morning person. At all. I really don't like waking up, or indeed doing anything before 11am. Sadly, not being possessed of a fortune and thus able to live life at the mellow tempo of my choosing, I have to put up with it.

I've been doing an experiment to see if I can hate waking up less. The idea is to give up coffee and all other drinks with caffeine and see if I can draw from my own latent energy. After all, most of the "buzz" that regular coffee drinkers get is actually the relief of the withdrawal symptoms that they've developed over night. Or so I'm told.

Last week I gradually cut down my coffee drinking from "way too much" to "two shots of espresso" to "one shot" and then to no coffee at all. No tea, no coke, no other sources of caffeine besides the occasional square of dark chocolate.

I had major headaches on day two of the "two shots" stage, and felt mildly lethargic most of the week. Especially had a great deal of trouble focusing.

The weekend was my first "no coffee" days. Mild headaches & severe lethargy. No need to focus. Thanks to a very patient Joliette for two great days.

This week, the headaches and the lack of focus have been pretty tough. Today I've been headache free but very much craving a coffee as a way to signal, "right, time to knuckle down & get to it". The focus-fog seems to be worst in the late morning and best in the afternoon.

I've also been going to sleep earlier, although I've been doing more exercise, which may be a part of that.

I'm still waiting for the day when I bounce right out of bed, eager to face the world, and for a day where my brain focuses like it does on caffeine. I'm hoping the day turns up next week, because I'm definitely going to have a cortado or three when I'm in Barcelona.