• Mind of the Maker, Dorothy Sayers
  • City of Dragons, Robin Hobb
  • Gaudy Night, Dorothy Sayers
  • Orthodoxy, G. K. Chesterton
  • Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
  • This Quantum Universe, Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
- G. K. Chesterton is frustratingly smug. I wish he would make a clear argument. All too often he sort of smiles with a twinkle in his eye that says "You never thought of *that*, I'll wager". - I want to read an anthology of correspondence between Dorothy Sayers and Ursula Le Guin - *Heart of Darkness* would be better read in one sitting, I imagine - When you know a little maths, long-winded explanations to help those who know less maths make things far more difficult to understand - I couldn't explain most of what I learnt in *This Quantum Universe*, so I didn't learn it well enough - I seem to need to have at least one work of fiction on the go at all times - *The Rain Wild Chronicles* (of which *City of Dragons* is the third volume) is Hobb's least good series so far. It's still pretty good though.