At the very least, technologically speaking.

After a very pleasant holiday in Australia over Christmas, I had only a couple of weeks back in London before gallivanting across the Atlantic to pay calls on colleagues in our New York and Kirkland offices. The week and a half in the land of the free was fun, but was far too long to be away from home.

When I got back, my beautiful little laptop died, and with it a couple of months worth of personal work.

Thus, a large chunk of my spare time over the last few months has been spent buying a new laptop (a shiny 13" Macbook Pro), getting it set up, doing what I can to restore the most urgent & important bits of lost work (mostly our budgeting bits and pieces), and finally, actually, properly, setting up working backups.

Awkward and tedious.

Because this blog has a gratuitously complex set up that requires a great deal of configuration on my end, it is only today that I've been able to actually post.

I have to say, I've missed the old thing. Am glad to be back & posting.