Keen readers of Echo & Bounce will notice two things about the last two posts:

  1. they were unusually close together
  2. neither were about books I've just read
Although, to be fair, I mention books in one of them.
As documented previously, I'm participating in the [Alphabet Supremacy]( with [Bice Dibley]( The first word, picked in an all-too-frequent attack of stupidity by yours truly, was "ambition". My take, [previously](, and [Bice's take on his blog]( My next word will not be so high falutin.
The word for next week, picked by Bice, is "anecdote". I looked it up, and it doesn't mean "a cure for poison", so I'm out of ideas.
As Bice [mentions](, there's no great way to follow both his posts and mine at this stage: no doubt we'll over-engineer a solution some time after the year is out. In the mean time, you probably want to follow him. We'll both try to label our posts with alphabet-supremacy, so you can spot the relevant ones.